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Internship Java

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Full Time
Cluj - Napoca
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The job description refers to anyone which aims to become a Java developer and is eager to start with an internship on Java.

The key skills required are the Java coding ones.

Nonetheless, if no Java skills so far, fear not – any experience with the points below is also valuable for us and helpful in your software engineer career, so feel free to share with us should you have touched any of these:

  • Programming in any of the next – C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Javascript, or any other programming language
  • Concepts of Object Oriented Programming, also any insight on the more in depth Design Pattern knowledge, or Domain Driven Design one.
  • Linux basics, Operating Systems basics
  • Concepts of logging, debugging
  • Cloud concepts – high level idea on what a Cloud means
  • Networking – high level idea on networking (OSI Layers, TCP/UDP protocols, networking equipment like firewalls, load balancers, IPs, etc)
  • Data storage – high level insight on the Relational DB Management Systems (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL), NoSQL, file systems

Please note the information above is not mandatory, we aim to help you express yourselves and tell us anything that you are passionate of on this area of IT.

You will end up learning Java and become a complete engineer, therefore any IT knowledge gathered so far is valuable; be ready to share it on a discussion we will have.